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Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About Working With Us.

My regret is that I took months to engage with Daniel instead of working with him sooner. His system to find and engage with my target market on LI is simple and extremely productive. Daniel is a very patient and thorough teacher.
Simply put, you will be glad you took the time to get Daniel to help you engage with your target market on LI.

– Frank Akridge Jr  CFP® RF™  President at Blue Duck Wealth Management

After spending just a short time with Daniel and implementing his suggestions regarding value messaging, I was able to double one of my streams of revenue. He has a real knack for cutting through the noise to get to the base of the problems you’re having in your business. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any other service professional looking to connect more with their target market and increase revenue.

-Andrea Henry Tax and Business Law Partner at Vox Law LLP

“After only 2 hours with Daniel, I was able to increase one of my revenue streams by 250% and it has sustained itself since then.”

-Tom Cunningham Business Development, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Publisher, Radio Host

Daniel has been of great help since the day I met him. He is the only one who has literally taken time out of his day to provide me with killer coaching. I recommend Daniel for anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable coach. Daniel has a great attitude and personality, it has been a pleasure working with him.

-Luis Mancilla Strategic Marketing Consultant

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I’m very pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Daniel Hanzelka. Daniel and I have recently reconnected again for the past year. During that period I’ve witnessed a drastic change not only in my personal life but also in my career. Daniel is extremely perceptive and compassionate when it comes to personal development. He’s a great listener and is very skilled at understanding real complex life situations while providing the best advice for any giving situation. He’s extremely smart, witty, bold and brutally honest when he needs to be and has a great way of skillfully explaining things from a completely different perspective to help illustrate new ideas that most people were probably not aware of.

-Duane Dawkins Corporate Account Manager

I recently completed a preliminary consultation with Daniel. I was blown away by his excellence in being able to bring out the real situations that are surrounding me in regards to my business and the things that I want to accomplish within the business. I was under the impression that LinkedIn was not going to be a possibility as far as a vehicle to accomplish things that I wanted to do and reach out to the clientele that I wanted to service. He has shed a different light on that subject and has brought it more into reality for me. Daniel is an extremely exceptional individual and very perceptive. I am looking forward to gaining a greater perspective of my goals, new connections and experiencing what he is able to accomplish through LinkedIn.

-Nelson Hollins Owner | CEO at Ultra World Travels

Daniel is generous with his time and knowledge. He clearly wants to help others, and he actively seeks ways to do so. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs help finding their path or presenting their brand online..

-Dylan Cornelius, MBA, PMP, CSM, CISSP PMO AND BUSINESS LEADER | Collaborative Change Leadership | Strategy Execution | Process Improvement

I would just like to take a moment and thank Daniel for taking his time in connecting with me. His insight, patience and guidance started a little fire in my otherwise very dark tunnel that I had been in. Thank you Daniel for taking the time to listen and inspire. I recommend Daniel to anyone that doubts their own abilities, is stuck in fear and needs new positive perspective.

-Suzie Bujok Director of Operations Local Deal Hero

Daniel Hanzelka has been a great influence in my life, from his passion for family and heath, his unprecedented desire to assist people to become the best they can be. His desire for learning and sharing his wisdom inspires me immensely. Lately Daniel has been working with me to create more success in all areas of my life and in less then a months time I have had some profound break troughs that will enrich me not only financially, but also in all the other main areas of my life. Some of my new awareness will be worth millions to all those around me. THANK YOU DANIEL…FOREVER GRATEFUL.

-Ernest Furtado Executive Vice President, Senior Asset Manager, CEO Vision Real Estate Management Services Inc. Sales Representative

My name is Dave Gillan and I have been working in the financial industry for 30 years. I have been working with Daniel Hanzelka for the past few months and I would like to tell you why I highly recommend Daniel as a coach. I have always prided myself on customer service and truly engaging my clientele as friends. I had reached a point in my career where I felt that I wasn’t growing my business by finding the clients that I wanted to work with. I had considered leaving the business altogether. Daniel has refocused me and brought back the passion to the role that I love to wake up to every day. As a former financial advisor himself, Daniel has been there and knows what I have gone through in my career and can relate. This is a huge factor in my resilience. In many of our discussions, he has been more of a therapist to deal with the underlying issues to reach the reasons for the change and increase my confidence to achieve excellence again. Daniel’s passion for helping advisors comes through in each conversation. He will tell it like it is and will tell you to stop focusing on the negative behaviours and look forward to future success. While your past is what shapes you, he will use these as building blocks to achieve your future goals. My recommendation is to spend one session with Daniel and see for yourself. There are many coaches out there but not with the passion and dedication that Daniel brings to the table. You will be amazed how he can change your world. Thanks for listening. Dave Gillan

-Dave Gillan Vice President Goodreid Investment Counsel Corp

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