I need to be very clear about this: LinkedIn is actually really, really awesome!!!

Don’t miss understand me, I’m NOT throwing LinkedIn under the bus!

What I am saying is that LinkedIn is a “BIG FAIL!” for so many entrepreneurs and business owners since all of them have a profile on LinkedIn but so many of them are not making money from all those connections.

I see that some LinkedIn users including me are using LinkedIn to generate 100’s of leads, while others are frustrated and feel like LinkedIn does not work…

LinkedIn is such an incredible resource for any business especially for those in financial services, and it’s unfortunate that more people aren’t taking advantage of it.

If you’re not getting the results you want and getting High Quality Leads every week from LinkedIn, you might be making one or more of these big mistakes:

1: Your profile is more like a resume then a sales page.

Many profiles I see every day resemble a resume, now there is a good reason for that and it is not your fault. When LinkedIn started it was designed for job seekers to find a job. But all of that has changed the LinkedIn of today is more then that it has become a business networking platform.

LinkedIn is a place to connect and meet perspective clients, business partners or people in the media and to build a relationship with them.

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You need to look at your LinkedIn profile as a sales page. It should be all about your perspective client and how you can help them. First you need to capture their attention and show them how you can help them with their biggest problem they are facing.

Think about it this way when anyone Goggles your name your LinkedIn profile will be in the first top two or three results. Why not let LinkedIn do all the hard work for you let them do the SEO for you. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a sales page and make it all about what your perspective client will get by working with you. Which bring us to our next mistake.

2. Not having an Ideal Client mind.

When some one looks at your profile it should be obvious as to who you serve and how you serve them. Not only is it important for you profile to be client facing you also need to have a specific client in mind when you are optimising your profile. Ensure that when they look at your profile they know who you work with and how you solve their biggest problem.

The first and most important places on LinkedIn to do this is your professional headline. Yet, there are so many people that keep it as the default “current title” and “company name”. You can edit your headline to reflect who you work with and how you help them. Your headline is the first thing anyone reads when they look profile so it should accomplish these two things:

· Speak directly to you Ideal Target Market

· Show the big problem you solve for them.

Remember that beside your name and photo, your headline is the most-viewed part of your LinkedIn profile. When one of your ideal clients sees your profile, you want to make sure that he or she knows who you are and how you can help them. This brings us to mistake number 3.

3: Not having a Call To Action (CTA)

Another mistake is that your LinkedIn Profile is missing CTA. So many profiles on LinkedIn do not have a Call To Action and they are missing a great opportunity.

When a profile is set up as a sales page having a great CTA like an invitation to a strategy call, a webinar or a lead-magnet is a great way to not only connect with your prospects but also to begin the process of building a relationship with them.

Now that they are on your profile you want encourage to connect with you and tell them to take the next action step and using a CTA can do that. IT will show them what you want them to do next.

Using a powerful CTA can help you build a database by offering a report, cheat sheet or a checklist as a lead magnet.

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TIP: You can download all the email addresses in LinkedIn but having a way how to build your own list is important.

Do a back up of you LinkedIn contacts I just had a conversation with a perspective client and their LinkedIn account was hacked they have lost all of their contact their LinkedIn account just disappeared. I would encourage you to back up your LinkedIn Contact list on weekly basis if you are not doing that.

4. Not connecting with everyone you know and meet.

This is the point of being on LinkedIn you need to connect with everyone you know and meet this is how you build a strong and productive network? This is what LinkedIn is all about it is a networking platform.

So first make sure you are connected with everyone you know you can import your email database and any other list you already have to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Then connect with everyone you meet this is an ongoing process you need to do from now on. Because the more connections you have the bigger your network will be and you will create more opportunities for your business.

Then it is time to connect with your target market. If for example you are a financial advisor who serves teachers, you need to start to message, connect and  network with every teacher you can find. Your job as a LinkedIn marketer is to do whatever it takes to ensure that they know about you and your services.

To get started you can send out invitations to connect, just remember don’t send the boring default connection request that LinkedIn provides, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”.

This brings me to Mistake number 5

5. Selling right after they connect with you.

Don’t, just do not do that. This is like asking someone to marry you right after you meet them for the first time. You wouldn’t do that so just don’t do it. Plus, it doesn’t work.

The first step of networking is always connecting. First you need to connect with them and now that you you know who your Ideal client is it will be easy to find them using LinkedIn.

Connecting with some one on LinkedIn is not about pitching and selling it is just about connecting with them and building a relationship.

The key to networking on LinkedIn is to make a personable invite to them. You need to take the time to actually click on the person’s profile learn something about them and send a request to connect from the profile page. NEVER click the “connect” button anywhere except on the person’s actual profile. That way you can send a customised message to the person and tailor it to what you see on their profile.

So connecting with someone is the first step. This is no different then going to a networking event, people hand out a ton of business cards, and then they experience crickets nothing happens. Client creation and networking involves more then one step you need to have a strategy of how you take someone you just met and have them become a client. Once you know what that process is for your business then all you need to do is to repeat it.

The people who are successful at marketing and networking are those who have a system and they work the system to build their business. The same is true for LinkedIn you need to have a system to stay in touch with your connections by “liking”, commenting, messaging, publishing posts, and sharing useful content. Building your network using LinkedIn comes down to having a system and following it every day.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Unsure where to begin? Do you even have time to do this?

Don’t worry! You are not alone. This is why we do what we do. We take the overwhelm away from you having to do this by yourself. Connect with me to get you started.

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No matter what stage of your business you are at, the art of success in business is to focus and to have a system to follow.

How do you stay focused? Do you have a system that you follow?

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I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments Section below!

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This is the time of year when many people take time to reflect on 2016 as well as putting together their New Year”s resolutions of how 2017 is going to be different.

What will make 2017 different for you?

I have put together a tool that I trust will help you to go deeper and find more focused solutions, not just well-intended resolutions.

Don’t let 2017 be a repeat of 2016! Take this time and be intentional with it. Let this new year be the year when you do things differently. Let it be a year when you actually get the results you want. Let 2017 be the year when you start something new and exciting and get it accomplished without being disappointed again.

What I have discovered over the years is that if I am not getting the results I want in my life and business, it is because I am not asking the right questions. 

My thoughts were often too broad, vague and impersonal. I now know that I need to ask different and better questions to get the results I want.

The following questions can help you to find the answers you need. Or at least give you different perspectives, answers and outcomes. If you have a difficult time with them, get some support with this so you can create the life and business you really want.

Try this: Over the next couple of days take some time to answer these questions. Then set up a FREE 30 minute Strategy Session with us to create an action plan for 2017 so you can get the outcome you want.

  1. What are the 3 most important things I do in my life?
  2. Why are these important to me?
  3. How will I measure results and success in these 3 areas?
  4. Am I using my gift’s and resources in a way that will get me fired up?
  5. Do I have a “BHAG” for 2017? (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
  6. Do I have a “circle of support” that is helping me achieve it?
  7. What are the three biggest concerns I have?

Bonus. What adventures do I have planned that will mix fun with achieving my goals and outcomes in 2017?

Asking different questions will always give you different results. These questions can help you get a different outcome in 2017 and beyond.

Turn your New Year’s resolutions from wishful thinking that you know will ultimately end in disappointment, to an actionable plan that you can get done year after year and you can feel excited about.

NOW Don’t put this off…. you know you won’t do it next week. We have opened up some spots on our calendar, so answer the questions and book your Strategy Sessiontoday.

Have an awesome rest of 2016 and an awesome 2017.

Daniel Hanzelka (Reset Warrior)


This is a practical and effective check-list for boosting your LinkedIn profile and engaging your target audience.

If you have not read Part 1 you can read it here What are 10 Easy Strategies to LinkedIn Authority? “Part 1

Now that you have the foundation let’s cover the remaining 5 Strategies to LinkedIn Authority.

6: Start to Post Your Status Updates

To keep your engagement with your audience post regular updates related to the kind of impression you want to make. See yourself as an industry leader and expert. You can start by sharing news articles and the latest thinking in your field of expertise. Want to impress a potential client or prospect? Share completed projects or a case study of one of your current clients. Attach images, rather than relying on the snippet that a URL brings up.

TIP: Grab their attention. Inform and engage them. Add value and inspire them.

7: Use LinkedIn Publisher to Share Your Awesome Content

Another strategy is to use LinkedIn’s publisher platform. This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and to connect with your audience. Write posts that are related to your expertise to have these posts seen and shared, liked and commented on. There is a trend I see that people often get better results from posting on LinkedIn than they get on a company blog or business website. With LinkedIn publisher you have the ability to have your message spread far and wide, giving you more exposure than a regular status update.

TIP: Do a Draft in a Word Doc then just copy and paste it to LinkedIn.

8: Join Groups Where Your Prospective Clients Hang Out

You have the ability to join relevant LinkedIn groups and actively contribute to the community. There have been a few changes in the last few years when it comes to groups, but they are still a great place to meet and connect with your prospects. Start by sharing posts, commenting on discussions, and starting a conversation. Engage with people when they respond. It is another way to demonstrate your expertise, helpfulness and experience, and it will often encourage people to want to learn more about who you really are.

TIP: You can Join up to 100 Groups.

9: Search and View Other LinkedIn Profiles

This is where human behaviour becomes a wonderful thing – when you go and look at someone’s profile, there is a good chance that they will look back at yours. When this happens you can then send a connections request. When you connect you can reach out and introduce yourself. This is one strategy that can be a start of a new relationship. First determine the type of people you want to be working with, then search for them and see their profiles. After a few days, just watch the notifications and connection requests come in.

TIP: Know Who your Ideal Client is. Do your Research First.

10: Form the Habit of Endorsing Your Connections Regularly

When you visit a connection’s profile and the skill endorsement request pops up, go ahead and endorse them. It’s a great way of showing respect and support for a colleague or contact. It leaves your name on the Skills section of their profile and it shows them you care – invaluable when it comes to leaving a good impression. This will also give you the opportunity to start to engage with them. This strategy has generated many new clients for me and my clients.

TIP: Consistency is the Key to Success.

BONUS: Make and Accept Connection Requests

Many people on LinkedIn wrongly assume that they are connected to all 450 million people that are on LinkedIn. They are not. You can only reach out to the people in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree network of connections. This is why having more 1st degree connections is important. The more people in 1st degree, the bigger access overall. So make sure you accept all relevant connection requests and do not be shy in making new ones of your own. You will notice that once your connections grow, so do your profile views.

Congratulations! Following these tips for a few minutes daily will increase your activity on LinkedIn and will get you found. As time goes on all of this will become second nature.

To start, pick one or two of the strategies to carry out each day. Focus on optimizing your profile. Begin to share valuable content. Comment and engage with your target audience through your news-feed and in groups. Show your value as a thought leader and industry expert. Your readers will appreciate your online contribution and engage with you more often.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Unsure where to begin? Do you even have time to do this?

Don’t worry! You are not alone. This is why we do what we do. We take the overwhelm away from you having to do this by yourself.

To help you get started.

Download Our Free Report 3 STEPS TO LINKEDIN AUTHORITY” Click Here

Daniel Hanzelka

No matter what stage of your business you are at, the art of success in business is to focus and to have a system to follow.

How do you stay focused? Do you have a system that you follow? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments Section below!

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This is a practical and effective checklist for boosting your LinkedIn profile and engaging your target audience.

So Why Does LinkedIn Matter? LinkedIn is the best social networking tool for today’s business owner and entrepreneur. If you are a coach, consultant, financial professional or really any entrepreneur, LinkedIn is the the best source for unlimited leads without spending money on paid ads.

In my opinion it is the best place to Find – Engage – and Close your prospective client. But you need to make sure you have a strategy that works. This two part checklist will give you the tools to build your foundation for LinkedIn Authority.

1: Define Your LinkedIn Objectives

Just like any marketing strategy or business endeavor you need to define the outcome you want to accomplish by doing what you are doing . Using LinkedIn is no different. So often when I speak with business owners and entrepreneurs and I ask them what the outcome is that they want in using LinkedIn, they respond with I want to sell more, or I want more income from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, or any social media networking for that matter, was not created to make sales on. Instead of looking at LinkedIn as a way to sell, you should look at it as a tool, a tool that gives you the opportunity to find your perspective client, engage them to build an awareness of what you do and begin the process of building trust with them. Once you do this then you can invite them to a further conversation off line to see if there is a fit for you to work together.

If you don’t know what your LinkedIn Objective should be then click here to schedule a Call with us. We can have a strategy session where we can put together the objectives you want to create with your LinkedIn profile.

2: Optimize Your Profile

To get the attention of prospective clients and partners you need to optimize your profile to drive people to you.

First start by updating your photo. Your photo needs to look professional so please do not photoshop a picture from a wedding you attended 2 years ago. Personal family or activity pictures do not have a place on your profile. Next create a powerful keyword-driven headline that will engage your target audience. The third element of a powerful, converting LinkedIn profile is an engaging summary about you and how you can help fix your customers’ pain and ongoing problem they are facing. Completing your recent experience is also important. Make it more engaging by adding multimedia into each section of your profile. Do not leave any section blank.

3: Make Your Headline Pop

As mentioned before your headline is usually the second thing right after your photo that someone will see. You need to ensure it is engaging and that it will be engaging. Even when you show up in a search, the headline is the first thing that anybody sees. You have the option to edit it so rather than relying on a plain old job title that LinkedIn fills in for you, you have 120 characters to showcase your expertise, skills and the elements that make you unique. You can get creative in this section and there are several formulas you can use depending on what your primary objective is that we talked about in the first point.

4: Keyword Strategy

Yes Keywords are important today. LinkedIn is used, almost the same way as a search engine like Google. The Advanced search option in LinkedIn allows people to search out others using terms and keywords. To ensure you are found use the words that best reflect you and what you provide for others. When you select the Keywords that pertain to you, add your keywords to your headline, summary, current and past experience sections and throughout the entire profile to make it easier for people to find you.

The following slide indicates the importance of Keyword placement in your LinkedIn Profile.

5: Your Call to action

After viewing and reviewing hundreds of LinkedIn profiles 99% are missing the most crucial element. What they are missing is a call to action. I believe this is so because many entrepreneurs are treating their profile as a resume and they really do not have a strategy and an outcome of what they are trying to accomplish with their profile.

The simple call to action can include message me, connect with me, or call me. You can have different call to actions throughout the different sections of your profile.

The one section that LinkedIn makes easy for your prospects to engage with you is the Project section of your LinkedIn Profile. Here you can have a Link to a Free Report or for a Link to Schedule a LinkedIn Strategy CALL. At the end it all depends as to what is the outcome you are looking for with your LinkedIn profile.

These first 5 strategies are the foundation to start your engagement with prospective clients on LinkedIn. In our next post we will cover the other 5 strategies.

Remember the premise of your LinkedIn profile is to make it all about your prospective clients.This principle needs to filter down to everything you do not only on LinkedIn but everywhere else.

The ONLY thing that your perspective clients care about is do you have the ability to solve their problem. They are suffering. They want to STOP suffering. The question they have is can you make that happen or not?

The fastest way to build awareness and trust is to show them you can help them solve their problem.

When you connect with a potential client you need to focus straight on their problem and show them you have a solution for solving it. Then you can explain to them how you can work with them.

Now go and create your highly converting LinkedIn Profile.

Daniel Hanzelka

Reset Warrior

No matter what stage of your business you are at, the art of success in business is to focus and to have a system to follow. How do you stay focused? And if you’re an entrepreneur do you have a system that you follow? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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I have a Quick question for you.

Do you ever stress about not having enough sales and clients?

If you are struggling to hit your income and don’t have a stream of consistent new leads coming in every week then you need to memorize this list.

If I knew this information that is in the following article when I first started in the business I would be making $100,000 per month instead of $100,000 per year.

1: Focus on your one thing. What is your single area of mastery? What is your Creative Genius?

The fastest way to kill any business is for the business owner get distracted by the noise of what is trendy in their field.

There are always new ideas and new things that come up the more you can stay focused on the task at hand the bigger success you will have.

I love this quote from Warren Buffett

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

What is your creative genius?

What is the one thing that you do that you are the best at and love doing?

The more focused and clear you are on what it is that you do the easier it will be for you to get clients and thrive in your business.

I tell all my clients don’t be the best at with you do.


Only you have the unique story and the background that you have there is no one like you in the entire world use your story to bring out your genius into the world and get paid for it.

That what comes the easiest to you. You should get paid the most for.

If you don’t know what is your creative genius and would like to discover what your “One thing” is, then click here to schedule a Call with us.

2: Your clients will buy their way out of something, not onto something

Another trap we fall into is that we feel like our product or service is the best in the world. The truth is nobody cares about our revolutionary 3 step formula or process for a better mouse trap.

Nobody cares about the process what they want is to stop worrying about money so they can sleep at night.

What is the problem you are solving?

What is the cost of not solving this problem?

How does this problem affect your client’s life?

Their finances? Their Relationship? Their Family?

The more deeply you understand the pain that your clients are in, the easier it will be for them to invest with you.

You need to shift your thinking from thinking that you are selling a product or service into thinking that you are selling a solution to a problem your client has.

When you understand the pain you are helping to your clients to escape you will start to realize that what you have to offer is priceless.

This is how you need to position yourself when you solve a specific problem for your clients not only will your competition become irrelevant your clients will start to seek your out and you will be able to command higher process for your service or product.

3: Create a system for attracting new clients.

In today’s environment, it is not enough to simply rely on word of mouth to grow your business.

It is difficult and unpredictable to rely on referrals.

To make $100,000+ per year in your business you need a system that works on a consistent basis, a system that creates a constant flow of new clients into your business.

Focus on creating simple yet predictable systems that can grow your business on a consistent basis.

One of our simplest yet most predictable systems is our LinkedIn Client Creation systems. It has three steps.

CREATE: Design and Create Clear and actionable plan.

OPTIMIZE: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile.

CONVERT: Convert your LinkedIn Connections into Client.

Click Here to Download Our Free Report “3 STEPS TO LINKEDIN AUTHORITY

Having a system is simple. It’s predictable and often only has three to four steps.

You then Lather, Rinse & Repeat.

Because of this we NEVER have to worry where the next client is going to come from.

If you don’t have a system like this, we can help.

Click here to schedule a Call to see how you can implement a simple system in your business.

5: Seek out and Learn from the Best

When things are not working in your business you have 3 options on how to deal with it.

  • Stick your head in the sand and live in denial. If you have watched The Profit on CNBC you have seen many examples of business owners doing exactly that.
  •  Start solving the problem by trial and error. This will always turn out to be the most expensive solution. Whatever you are facing the chances are that someone else has faced the same problem and already has a solution for it. You can tap into that experience and save yourself time and money.
  •  Find a coach and mentor that can help you resolve the problems you are facing. This is the best investment you can make working with a coach you will achieve results in a fraction of the time.

Working with a coach will not only accelerate your success it will also:

  • Create a safe environment in which you can see yourself more clearly
  • You will identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Ask for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes than the client would have asked of him or herself
  • Guide the building of the structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment

If you are interested in experiencing what it is like to be working with a coach book a call with us.

Bonus: Prove to your clients you can actually help them by helping them.

This is a principle that needs to filter down to every conversation you have, every presentation you make and every ad you create.

In today’s business environment no one cares about your titles and certifications.

The ONLY thing that your clients care about is your ability to solve their problem. They are suffering. They want to STOP suffering. The question they have can you make that happen or not?

The fastest way to prove that you can help someone is to solve SOME of that problem for FREE.

When you connect with a potential client you should focus straight on their problem and give them some strategy for resolving it. Then you can explain to them how you can work with them.

This is called Results in Advance marketing.  You simply won’t be asking them to blindly trust you.  You don’t even have to ask them to believe you simply show them exactly how you fix what is causing their problem and then tell them how to get MORE help if they want it.

This is much easier than trying to impress them with your credentials, or an alphabet soup of letter behind your name.

Now go and create your clients.

Daniel Hanzelka

Reset Warrior

No matter what stage of your business you are at, the art of success in business is to focus and to have a system to follow. How do you stay focused? And if you’re an entrepreneur do yo ahve a system that you follow? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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We will jump on a call with you and lay out a plan for you to get from where you are now to 6 figures per year!

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Business Killer #1“I don’t know what to do”

Being confused and saying that you don’t know is simply a sign that you need a plan. Without clarity of where you are going it will be difficult for you to know what to do each day. You need to have a clear motive, purpose and action plan without this you will spin your wheels and will feel overwhelmed. You will feel like you are working hard but not accomplishing anything.

The Truth

Invest time each year to plan what you want to accomplish that year. Then reverse engineer what need to be accomplished each quarter, month, week, and day. You will need to schedule time each week, month and quarter to plan your time in accordance of what you want to do. If you accomplish what you set out each day will accomplish everything each week. If you accomplish everything each week you will accomplish everything each month and so on then you will accomplish you goals for the years.

The focus has to be on planning things out and ensuring you are moving towards those goals each and every day.

Business Killer # 2

“I’m   afraid   it   won’t   work out”

The fear of failure can paralyze you and keep you from accomplishing any of you set goals. Fear is what allows us to quit. There are only two times that people quit. Just before they get started and just before they succeed.

The Truth

Fear is a sign you are stretching and growing. It is natural to feel uncomfortable when we are doing something we have never done before. Use this as a fuel to propel you toward your goals. Feel the fear and do it anyway. As you feel the fear notice how much it resembles excitement.

Ask yourself “If this was excitement, what would I do?” Choose to take action when you feel fear and you will move toward your goals. It is the movement forward that will get you what you want.

Business Killer # 3

“No   one   wants   my   services”

There are over 7.8 billion people in the world. If you are living out your passion and offer valuable services, there are enough people to purchase them from you. 

The Truth

You must research and understand exactly what your market wants and why they want it. When you know their pain and their desire, you can speak to them about your solution. You are not selling you product or service you are selling solutions to your prospective clients problem.

What is the solution you provide to the people in your target market?

Business Killer # 4

“My   Website’s   Not   Up   So   I   Can’t  Start”

Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Logos, Marketing Materials are important components to a healthy marketing plan, but they do not determine your business success! You don’t need them to make a sale. 

The Truth

Success in your business comes from your delivering value to your customers through your product or service. In return you get compensated for that value. You need to get into your community and talk with people. Provide value to them and make more offers. By being active in your community you will refine your offers and services. You will be engaged in conversations and sell what you already have the rest will come.

Business Killer # 5

“I   don’t   want   to   be rejected”

Being in business and living out your passion means taking a stand about what you do and what you believe. This will mean you are exposing who you are. 

The Truth

In order to let people know about you and your service, you must be willing to stand for something. Not everyone will want what you have to offer and many people will say “No”. You can’t take it personally because it is not about you. It’s about your prospective customer’s desire for what you offer. You need to get used to hearing “No” it is the means of getting to the “Yes”

Next Steps

Imagine yourself with all the business you desire. Your days are filled with you having engaging conversations with your ideal clients you want to work with and your business is growing. You are providing the services you love and your clients are appreciative of the value you bring into their lives and business.

If this a picture that excites you?

How would your life change if you gave up the struggle and started to thrive today?


What is it costing you every month by being stuck and missing your goal?

How much money will you THROW AWAY this year, because you don’t have the RIGHT support and guidance to get you to your 2016 goal?

You DON’T have to do this ALONE.

Reach out if you want to get back on track and finish strong at the end of the year!

Start your journey towards ending your struggle and discovering your power with a complimentary click here to book a “Discover Your Vision Call”

If you are not getting the results you want you need to start asking different questions. “Click Here to Answer 8 Powerful Questions” I know will help you transform your life and your business.

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It’s time to check-in

WE are EXACTLY half-way through 2016.

Well technically we are past but I know you get the message.

6 Months ago you told yourself that 2016 is your year and you set goals for 2016.

How are those working out for you so far?


If not – –

There are many questions that can help you analyze where you went off-track, and how to quickly get back in the game and have an epic 2016 and hitting your goals.

I will not be able to list all of them all, but…

Here are the TOP 7 Questions you MUST ASK IF YOU’RE NOT on track to hit your goals in 2016:


Getting results like creating new clients shouldn’t be taking several months to get. New clients can literally be created in just few days if not in few short hours when you have the right formula.


Knowing your conversion numbers is the key to hitting your goal. At the end of the day it becomes a game a numbers game…

Knowing your numbers will create clarity and focus on exactly what needs to happen in your business in order to make your goal a reality.

When you master this, you’ll NEVER question where you are in your business, or why you did/didn’t reach your goal.


Do you have a step by step plan to achieve your goal? You need to have benchmarks, and break-down of doable steps that show you exactly HOW you’ll get there?


Do all of your daily activities get your closer to your yearly goal or do you walk into your office each morning putting out fires without getting closer to your goal?


Have you fallen into the trap of a creator jumping from one new business-growth idea to the next…starting a many of them, and seldom finishing any of them?


Are you driving through life with one foot on the gas wanting to accelerate your business and the other on the brake pedal completely derailing all your effort?

Is it time to take out the head-trash that you collected through the years with out ever examining and RESETING the beliefs you have.


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In 2014 I was interviewed by Expert Insights Publishing to be featured in Ready Aim Inspire! Book

The following my chapter from the book. You can listen to the interview Here

Daniel Hanzelka is a Life Reset Strategist whose mission is to ignite the purpose and passion in everyone with whom he comes in contact with. He creates unique results with his out-of-the-box mindset and unconventional insight that inspires those with an entrepreneurial spirit and motivation to turn their passion into a profitable business.

“Everyone will end up somewhere, but few will end up somewhere on purpose.” Daniel’s R.E.S.E.T. FORMULA will help you find that purpose. He will inspire you, move you, and motivate you to turn your passion into a work of significance.

He is the author of Financial Reset as well as a co-author of Mastering the Art of Success and Beyond Riches with Income Properties. He is also a public speaker, interviews successful entrepreneurs for his RESET radio and TV show, writes blogs, and has been featured in various media. In an unconventional exercise to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential. 

V: How have you come to realize your passion and purpose?

DH: It really has been an incredible journey over the last 40 years of my life; but especially in recent years, when I became fascinated by the question, “What’s the difference between somebody who succeeds in life and somebody who does not?” I discovered that our purpose and our passion is within each of us and has been there from the day we were born. It’s not something that we gain later from outside of us.

One example I like to use with my clients is the acorn. An acorn already has the DNA of an oak tree in it. If I take that acorn and put it on my desk, it could sit there for the next 100 years, and nothing will happen. But if we take that acorn and put it into the right environment, it can grow into an oak tree.

That’s what I have seen happening with me; I knew I had the potential to go and do great things, inspire people, and really help them.

I was in the financial industry for 17 years, and I loved what I was doing but I discovered that I wasn’t in the right environment to really bring out my passion.

When I decided to exit the financial industry, I caught on fire. There is a quote that I love and enjoy from Les Brown, “If you set yourself on fire, people will come and watch you burn.” I have set myself on fire and I want everybody to come and watch me because I want to set them on fire and inspire them to become the person who they want to be.

I believe everybody has great potential inside of them; just like that acorn has the DNA of an oak tree. I have come to know my purpose and my passion and I want to help others to do the same.

V: There’s just no question, Daniel, you are on fire. Tell us how you hope your work and your books and all of the great contribution you’re making will inspire others?

DH: Most people think their passion and purpose is something that is outside of them, something maybe that they have to go and learn how to do. My belief is that passion and purpose is inside every one of us.

I believe the passion I have right now, was always inside of me. Again, I just had to place myself in the right environment. That’s what I can do for others to really inspire them and help them to become the person they’re destined to be.

As I have been studying successful people, one of the secrets is that successful people don’t do one big thing every once in a while. They have a strategy where they do little things on a consistent basis every single day.

One of the habits I have adopted to put me into this state of mind is that every day I do what some people call rituals. I call it celebration. Every day I want to celebrate the day that is coming. First, I sit down and read the scriptures. I read the word of God and I meditate on that. That helps me start my day.

The second thing I do is exercise. It’s not only a mental thing, but it’s also a physical thing where we can change the state that we’re in. After that, I listen to inspiring music or talks from other people who will inspire me.

I fuel this fire that’s burning within me. I start the day off at a fairly high peak physical and emotional level, so when things happen throughout the day, they don’t affect me much because I’m starting high.

Mike Tyson says, “We all have a plan until we get punched in the face.”

We go through the day, and we get lot of punches; but if we can create an environment where we are ready for whatever is going to come, it doesn’t have to affect us.

V: Daniel, how do you spark your creativity?

DH: When I meditate in the morning and when I exercise, I’m actually clearing my mind of all negative thoughts. If we can start from the morning to put ourselves into that peak state of mind physically, mentally, and spiritually, things are going to happen.

I believe that we all get great ideas all the time. Unfortunately, our heads are cluttered. I started to write these ideas down. Instead of saying, “I’m going to try to remember that later on,” as soon as I get an idea, I write it down in a journal I keep. I don’t really have the time to think about it right then, but I download it from my brain onto a piece of paper, and then I can come back to it.

The greatest ideas I have come right after completing my meditating, exercise, and listening to something motivating. I’m not thinking too hard about what the day is going to bring. When I am relaxed most of my great ideas come.

I think we all have thousands and thousands of ideas. The issue is that an idea is only as good as the implementation of the idea. Organize it and have a structure or a system for how to actually process that creativity.

V: What is your favorite idea that you’ve come up with due to this inspiration?

DH: I started what I call a 100 Project Journal. It’s a journal where I list 100 things that I want to do and create. There are really eight different areas of my life that I’m working on to have 100 things that I want to accomplish in these areas.

Family and friends. The relationships we have. What are the 100 things that I’d like to accomplish in this area?

Fun time, travel, and adventure. Where are the 100 places that I want to visit?

Community. What are the 100 ways I can contribute to others?

Personal growth. The 100 things I want to do to better myself.

Business and career. What are 100 things I want to accomplish in my business?

Financial. What are the 100 financial goals that I have in terms of income and investments?

Health and fitness. We haven’t really talked about this, but I have gone through a major transformation in terms of my health, which partly sparked the journey I am now on. At one point in my life, I was 260 pounds. I’m about 170 right now. I lost 90 pounds. It wasn’t about the food. It wasn’t about the exercise. It was all about changing and renewing my mind.

I started looking at things a little bit differently. I started asking the question, “What if everything that I have ever learned turned out to be wrong? When would I want to know?” For me, that’s really the reason I want to go and inspire people.

I was born in Czechoslovakia under communism. I lived there for 13 years. Under those circumstances and with everything that has happened in my life, I felt like I never really knew what the truth was. When I came to Canada, I began the journey. I sought to find out the truth behind everything.

The last area is gratitude and celebration. What are the things I’m thankful for, and how do I want to show that gratitude?

This 100 Project Journal that I’m working on is all about wanting to be inspiring. As I start writing these goals down and I start looking at them, what I find inspiring is that some of these are goals that I want to go and accomplish, and then I realize that I’m already going through the process of accomplishing them, or maybe I have already accomplished them.

We need to put these goals into our minds and start to focus on them. Really it’s the focus that makes us accomplish this. But if we never write things down, we move through life by default. The 100 Project aims to help us inspire ourselves.

For me, that’s really the passion and the purpose that I have, because when I look at my life so far, for the majority of my life, I have lived by default. When I lived in Czechoslovakia, we didn’t have the freedom that we do have living in Canada or the United States or in other countries that offer this freedom.

Even though we live in a free society, I see that a lot of people are living under the bondage of debt and poor financial management. What started this for me was finding out why for some people, it seems like whatever they touch, they attract a lot of success and there are some people on the other side where it doesn’t work that way.

The discovery I made was that the difference is in the mindset that people have. We can inspire ourselves to start thinking about the possibilities as opposed to focusing on some of the negative things that are happening in our life.

We don’t have to go very far to look for negative things. We got rid of our TV five years ago, which I think was the smartest thing that we have done for the whole family. You turn off the TV and the news, and that gets rid of the negativity. For me, inspiration comes from putting myself through my celebration and through the 100 Project Journal and putting myself in a positive state of mind as much as possible.

That’s something I really focus on because when I do that for myself then my family benefits and everybody that I come into contact with will benefit from that as well.

V: How do you balance the creative side and then implement those goals and make them a reality?

DH: I think inspiration is at the heart of planning. First, before we can even plan, you have to be inspired to actually go and do something. When it comes down to balancing, I think planning is very important, but if there is no action, then nothing happens. For me, that’s probably the biggest, most important element.

One of my goals is to be what I call the “Inspirator.” In the past, I was a perfectionist. Whenever I started something, I would want to make sure that it was perfect before I took it any further. Unfortunately, nothing would ever get done, because I never felt like it was perfect. My goal is to just go out there, do things, and put myself out there. I know that when I do that, things are going to get accomplished.

If you have a really great idea, just go out there and do it. If you don’t, somebody else will.

V: If you were looking at your contribution as a legacy, what would that look like for you, Daniel?

DH: I believe that, when I and others around me become our true authentic selves by living out our purpose and passion, we will serve as an example to future generations.

Our problem is not that we are inadequate; our struggle is that we are powerful beyond measure. We are capable of achieving so much more. I believe when our generation stands up and does what we were created to do, the next generation will follow suit. This is how we can change the world and leave a lasting legacy.


There are two parts to making things happen. The first part has to do with taking action. It really involves giving yourself permission to find and live out your passion. If you’re willing to give yourself the permission to live out your purpose, then you can go out and turn your passion into profit.

The second part involves asking yourself a question: “What do I love to do? What is that one thing that I could do all day long without getting bored? I could do it all day long; and even if I didn’t make money, I’d still go out there and do it.” When we find that something we really love, then we don’t ever have to work again.

Write down a list of 10 things that you love doing and number them 1 to 10. Just let it flow, don’t hold yourself back. Don’t limit yourself by saying I don’t have time, money, knowledge or resources for this. Those things are limits we put on ourselves.

Next, ask yourself what you are more passionate about, number 1 or number 2. If you are more passionate about number 2, then ask the question “Which am I more passionate about, number 2 or number 3?”

Continue through your list. Repeat this process until you have narrowed it down to one thing. This will help you find your inspiration in life and aid you in finding your purpose in life. Visit ResetYourMoney.com for more inspiring ideas.

Daniel Hanzelka

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