I need to be very clear about this: LinkedIn is actually really, really awesome!!!

Don’t miss understand me, I’m NOT throwing LinkedIn under the bus!

What I am saying is that LinkedIn is a “BIG FAIL!” for so many entrepreneurs and business owners since all of them have a profile on LinkedIn but so many of them are not making money from all those connections.

I see that some LinkedIn users including me are using LinkedIn to generate 100’s of leads, while others are frustrated and feel like LinkedIn does not work…

LinkedIn is such an incredible resource for any business especially for those in financial services, and it’s unfortunate that more people aren’t taking advantage of it.

If you’re not getting the results you want and getting High Quality Leads every week from LinkedIn, you might be making one or more of these big mistakes:

1: Your profile is more like a resume then a sales page.

Many profiles I see every day resemble a resume, now there is a good reason for that and it is not your fault. When LinkedIn started it was designed for job seekers to find a job. But all of that has changed the LinkedIn of today is more then that it has become a business networking platform.

LinkedIn is a place to connect and meet perspective clients, business partners or people in the media and to build a relationship with them.

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You need to look at your LinkedIn profile as a sales page. It should be all about your perspective client and how you can help them. First you need to capture their attention and show them how you can help them with their biggest problem they are facing.

Think about it this way when anyone Goggles your name your LinkedIn profile will be in the first top two or three results. Why not let LinkedIn do all the hard work for you let them do the SEO for you. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a sales page and make it all about what your perspective client will get by working with you. Which bring us to our next mistake.

2. Not having an Ideal Client mind.

When some one looks at your profile it should be obvious as to who you serve and how you serve them. Not only is it important for you profile to be client facing you also need to have a specific client in mind when you are optimising your profile. Ensure that when they look at your profile they know who you work with and how you solve their biggest problem.

The first and most important places on LinkedIn to do this is your professional headline. Yet, there are so many people that keep it as the default “current title” and “company name”. You can edit your headline to reflect who you work with and how you help them. Your headline is the first thing anyone reads when they look profile so it should accomplish these two things:

· Speak directly to you Ideal Target Market

· Show the big problem you solve for them.

Remember that beside your name and photo, your headline is the most-viewed part of your LinkedIn profile. When one of your ideal clients sees your profile, you want to make sure that he or she knows who you are and how you can help them. This brings us to mistake number 3.

3: Not having a Call To Action (CTA)

Another mistake is that your LinkedIn Profile is missing CTA. So many profiles on LinkedIn do not have a Call To Action and they are missing a great opportunity.

When a profile is set up as a sales page having a great CTA like an invitation to a strategy call, a webinar or a lead-magnet is a great way to not only connect with your prospects but also to begin the process of building a relationship with them.

Now that they are on your profile you want encourage to connect with you and tell them to take the next action step and using a CTA can do that. IT will show them what you want them to do next.

Using a powerful CTA can help you build a database by offering a report, cheat sheet or a checklist as a lead magnet.

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TIP: You can download all the email addresses in LinkedIn but having a way how to build your own list is important.

Do a back up of you LinkedIn contacts I just had a conversation with a perspective client and their LinkedIn account was hacked they have lost all of their contact their LinkedIn account just disappeared. I would encourage you to back up your LinkedIn Contact list on weekly basis if you are not doing that.

4. Not connecting with everyone you know and meet.

This is the point of being on LinkedIn you need to connect with everyone you know and meet this is how you build a strong and productive network? This is what LinkedIn is all about it is a networking platform.

So first make sure you are connected with everyone you know you can import your email database and any other list you already have to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Then connect with everyone you meet this is an ongoing process you need to do from now on. Because the more connections you have the bigger your network will be and you will create more opportunities for your business.

Then it is time to connect with your target market. If for example you are a financial advisor who serves teachers, you need to start to message, connect and  network with every teacher you can find. Your job as a LinkedIn marketer is to do whatever it takes to ensure that they know about you and your services.

To get started you can send out invitations to connect, just remember don’t send the boring default connection request that LinkedIn provides, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”.

This brings me to Mistake number 5

5. Selling right after they connect with you.

Don’t, just do not do that. This is like asking someone to marry you right after you meet them for the first time. You wouldn’t do that so just don’t do it. Plus, it doesn’t work.

The first step of networking is always connecting. First you need to connect with them and now that you you know who your Ideal client is it will be easy to find them using LinkedIn.

Connecting with some one on LinkedIn is not about pitching and selling it is just about connecting with them and building a relationship.

The key to networking on LinkedIn is to make a personable invite to them. You need to take the time to actually click on the person’s profile learn something about them and send a request to connect from the profile page. NEVER click the “connect” button anywhere except on the person’s actual profile. That way you can send a customised message to the person and tailor it to what you see on their profile.

So connecting with someone is the first step. This is no different then going to a networking event, people hand out a ton of business cards, and then they experience crickets nothing happens. Client creation and networking involves more then one step you need to have a strategy of how you take someone you just met and have them become a client. Once you know what that process is for your business then all you need to do is to repeat it.

The people who are successful at marketing and networking are those who have a system and they work the system to build their business. The same is true for LinkedIn you need to have a system to stay in touch with your connections by “liking”, commenting, messaging, publishing posts, and sharing useful content. Building your network using LinkedIn comes down to having a system and following it every day.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Unsure where to begin? Do you even have time to do this?

Don’t worry! You are not alone. This is why we do what we do. We take the overwhelm away from you having to do this by yourself. Connect with me to get you started.

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No matter what stage of your business you are at, the art of success in business is to focus and to have a system to follow.

How do you stay focused? Do you have a system that you follow?

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