This is the time of year when many people take time to reflect on 2016 as well as putting together their New Year”s resolutions of how 2017 is going to be different.

What will make 2017 different for you?

I have put together a tool that I trust will help you to go deeper and find more focused solutions, not just well-intended resolutions.

Don’t let 2017 be a repeat of 2016! Take this time and be intentional with it. Let this new year be the year when you do things differently. Let it be a year when you actually get the results you want. Let 2017 be the year when you start something new and exciting and get it accomplished without being disappointed again.

What I have discovered over the years is that if I am not getting the results I want in my life and business, it is because I am not asking the right questions. 

My thoughts were often too broad, vague and impersonal. I now know that I need to ask different and better questions to get the results I want.

The following questions can help you to find the answers you need. Or at least give you different perspectives, answers and outcomes. If you have a difficult time with them, get some support with this so you can create the life and business you really want.

Try this: Over the next couple of days take some time to answer these questions. Then set up a FREE 30 minute Strategy Session with us to create an action plan for 2017 so you can get the outcome you want.

  1. What are the 3 most important things I do in my life?
  2. Why are these important to me?
  3. How will I measure results and success in these 3 areas?
  4. Am I using my gift’s and resources in a way that will get me fired up?
  5. Do I have a “BHAG” for 2017? (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
  6. Do I have a “circle of support” that is helping me achieve it?
  7. What are the three biggest concerns I have?

Bonus. What adventures do I have planned that will mix fun with achieving my goals and outcomes in 2017?

Asking different questions will always give you different results. These questions can help you get a different outcome in 2017 and beyond.

Turn your New Year’s resolutions from wishful thinking that you know will ultimately end in disappointment, to an actionable plan that you can get done year after year and you can feel excited about.

NOW Don’t put this off…. you know you won’t do it next week. We have opened up some spots on our calendar, so answer the questions and book your Strategy Sessiontoday.

Have an awesome rest of 2016 and an awesome 2017.

Daniel Hanzelka (Reset Warrior)