This is a practical and effective checklist for boosting your LinkedIn profile and engaging your target audience.

So Why Does LinkedIn Matter? LinkedIn is the best social networking tool for today’s business owner and entrepreneur. If you are a coach, consultant, financial professional or really any entrepreneur, LinkedIn is the the best source for unlimited leads without spending money on paid ads.

In my opinion it is the best place to Find – Engage – and Close your prospective client. But you need to make sure you have a strategy that works. This two part checklist will give you the tools to build your foundation for LinkedIn Authority.

1: Define Your LinkedIn Objectives

Just like any marketing strategy or business endeavor you need to define the outcome you want to accomplish by doing what you are doing . Using LinkedIn is no different. So often when I speak with business owners and entrepreneurs and I ask them what the outcome is that they want in using LinkedIn, they respond with I want to sell more, or I want more income from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, or any social media networking for that matter, was not created to make sales on. Instead of looking at LinkedIn as a way to sell, you should look at it as a tool, a tool that gives you the opportunity to find your perspective client, engage them to build an awareness of what you do and begin the process of building trust with them. Once you do this then you can invite them to a further conversation off line to see if there is a fit for you to work together.

If you don’t know what your LinkedIn Objective should be then click here to schedule a Call with us. We can have a strategy session where we can put together the objectives you want to create with your LinkedIn profile.

2: Optimize Your Profile

To get the attention of prospective clients and partners you need to optimize your profile to drive people to you.

First start by updating your photo. Your photo needs to look professional so please do not photoshop a picture from a wedding you attended 2 years ago. Personal family or activity pictures do not have a place on your profile. Next create a powerful keyword-driven headline that will engage your target audience. The third element of a powerful, converting LinkedIn profile is an engaging summary about you and how you can help fix your customers’ pain and ongoing problem they are facing. Completing your recent experience is also important. Make it more engaging by adding multimedia into each section of your profile. Do not leave any section blank.

3: Make Your Headline Pop

As mentioned before your headline is usually the second thing right after your photo that someone will see. You need to ensure it is engaging and that it will be engaging. Even when you show up in a search, the headline is the first thing that anybody sees. You have the option to edit it so rather than relying on a plain old job title that LinkedIn fills in for you, you have 120 characters to showcase your expertise, skills and the elements that make you unique. You can get creative in this section and there are several formulas you can use depending on what your primary objective is that we talked about in the first point.

4: Keyword Strategy

Yes Keywords are important today. LinkedIn is used, almost the same way as a search engine like Google. The Advanced search option in LinkedIn allows people to search out others using terms and keywords. To ensure you are found use the words that best reflect you and what you provide for others. When you select the Keywords that pertain to you, add your keywords to your headline, summary, current and past experience sections and throughout the entire profile to make it easier for people to find you.

The following slide indicates the importance of Keyword placement in your LinkedIn Profile.

5: Your Call to action

After viewing and reviewing hundreds of LinkedIn profiles 99% are missing the most crucial element. What they are missing is a call to action. I believe this is so because many entrepreneurs are treating their profile as a resume and they really do not have a strategy and an outcome of what they are trying to accomplish with their profile.

The simple call to action can include message me, connect with me, or call me. You can have different call to actions throughout the different sections of your profile.

The one section that LinkedIn makes easy for your prospects to engage with you is the Project section of your LinkedIn Profile. Here you can have a Link to a Free Report or for a Link to Schedule a LinkedIn Strategy CALL. At the end it all depends as to what is the outcome you are looking for with your LinkedIn profile.

These first 5 strategies are the foundation to start your engagement with prospective clients on LinkedIn. In our next post we will cover the other 5 strategies.

Remember the premise of your LinkedIn profile is to make it all about your prospective clients.This principle needs to filter down to everything you do not only on LinkedIn but everywhere else.

The ONLY thing that your perspective clients care about is do you have the ability to solve their problem. They are suffering. They want to STOP suffering. The question they have is can you make that happen or not?

The fastest way to build awareness and trust is to show them you can help them solve their problem.

When you connect with a potential client you need to focus straight on their problem and show them you have a solution for solving it. Then you can explain to them how you can work with them.

Now go and create your highly converting LinkedIn Profile.

Daniel Hanzelka

Reset Warrior

No matter what stage of your business you are at, the art of success in business is to focus and to have a system to follow. How do you stay focused? And if you’re an entrepreneur do you have a system that you follow? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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