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If You Think You Only Need More Leads

You Could Be Wrong

The reality is that your marketing funnel is broken! Spending money on more leads is like pouring water into a bucket full of holes hoping it will fill to the top.

I call this “Pop Corn Marketing” and I  see advisors doing this all the time because they are too busy plugging the holes and putting out fires in their business they inevitably see poor or non existent results from their marketing.

This is why I created a simple 3-step method which has been tested and finely tuned over the last 4 years into a dependable process. It is called “The RESET Method™” Before you start any marketing activity you need to reset what you are doing and reinvent your self to be different from everyone else.

Once you do this you will have strong foundations to create a robust automated marketing system. Here at Reset Global we help Financial Processionals differentiate themselves from their competitors to attract the best match high quality clients. We do this by following the The RESET Method™ which you can see below

The RESET Method™


This is where you build the foundation for your marketing. We will help you design and define your target market and the solution you provide because this is what affect what kind of marketing message will be most effectively to persuade your target market and get them to take action and engage with you.



In this step you will learn how to convert and nurture your leads with ongoing messaging and value. When prospects discover you, you need to show them why you are different from your competitions and how you can help them. You will answer the questions they have through creating funnels and messaging.



In the 3rd step you will learn how to rapidly scale your business using leverage Strategies and Automation without all the stress and overwhelm. Once you have attracted your Ideal Clients and you are converting them into clients it is time to expand ans scale your business.


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